Rail Trans Invest is Estonian company with a long experience in the area of railwagon rental. In our fleet, there are over 1400 rail wagons – nearly 70% are tank wagons, suitable for carrying oil products; slightly over 20% cement-hoppers, and around 10% open top wagons for carrying different dry goods.

Our wagons are working in different regions of CIS and Baltic countries, and among our customers are companies from Estonia, Lithuania, Finland and Russia. From our office, located in the centre of Tallinn, we coordinate the communication with our partners as well as organise all the regular and ad-hoc maintenances for our fleet in the areas where they are located. The geoghraphy of our work spreads up to 10.000 km east from Estonia.

In addition to our existing fleet and customers, we are continuosly open for new offers for cooperation. As we are continuosly monitoring the market – the demand for different wagons, rental tariffs and other tendencies on the market, we can quickly respond to the new inquieries. For new, long-term projects, we are ready to consider additional investments into either new or used wagons.